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Property Development

Whether it’s a land subdivision, a small town house project or a multi-storey use development, we will apply our extensive experience to your individual needs.

Property Law for Developers & Builders

Priala Legal act for a number of developers in assisting them with their projects. It is extremely important that the right legal advice is provided early with respect to the proposed project, including the type of “off the plan” contracts that are to be presented to the market.

Whether it’s a land subdivision, a town house project or a multi-storey use development, we will apply our extensive experience to your individual needs.

Developers, as owners of real property, are constantly required to ensure proper disclosure is made to prospective buyers, whilst maintaining a sufficient level of flexibility during the development and construction phase of their projects.

We are able to assist developers and builders with tailoring the project to suit their needs.

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Our services extend to the following:

  • Property development including –
    1. land subdivision;
    2. house and land development, including townhouse/duplex projects to large scale development);
    3. multi-storey unit development;
    4. mixed use development
  • Site acquisitions / amalgamations
  • Preparation of "Off the Plan" contracts and disclosure documentation, including community management statements and by-laws
  • Registration of community title scheme
  • Advice provided to your marketing agents during the sales process
  • Joint Venture Arrangements

Property Law Videos on Talking Law

Gold Coast Buyer Sues Deceloper......Marine Quarter Saga!!!

Times are a changing....at least with off the plan projects they are. Ever since the changes to the unfair contract terms regime commenced 9 November 2023, we have seen the goal posts shift even further in relation to off the plan projects creating an almost new landscape for developers and their lawyers to become quite skillful in their drafting. Well, this segment is yet another example of how times are changing yet again. We talk about the buyer who has recently commenced proceedings in the District Court claiming damages against the developer for Marine Quarter Southport project, for a proposed termination of the contract of sale, asking for more money from the buyers to keep their contract on foot. Only time will tell us the outcome of this saga, unless of course the matter is settled out of court, which it may very well be.

The Ugly Truth of Off the Plan Contracts!!!

Recently on the Gold Coast New Zealand buyers lost their $60,000 deposit because they were not able to settle on the settlement date on an off the plan contract. They asked for an extension. The developer refused. As a result, they lost their apartment. They then took to the media with their story and called the developer morally wrong' for not providing an extension. We are experts in off the plan projects and contracts. This segment is to provide the harsh reality and truth on off the plan contracts, that buyers should not expect the developer will simply grant an extension of time if they cannot settle. That is not how it works. Time is of the essence in Qld. Any buyer under an off the plan contract that receives legal advice that the developer will "most likely" grant an extension if they cannot settle on time, is being misled. Whilst we can all empathise with buyers who are in a situation where they cannot settle and run the risk of losing their 10% deposit, buyers need to know from day 1 when they sign that contract, the risks and the harsh reality that if they do not settle, they will very well lose their deposit, regardless of why they cannot settle. At Priala Legal we advise all of buyers of this very clearly and prep them at least 3 months in advance when the project is coming to completion, of how to be ready and reminding them again of the harsh reality if they cannot settle.

Is this an election issue for Qld???

The mind boggles!!! What are we talking about? The Qld Government on 20 November 2023 decided to increase the first home owner grant from $15,000 to $30,000. But is this enough to help first home buyers in Qld? Or is this step taken by the Qld Government really just an election issue for Qld? We are coming up to an election year in 2024 after all. We are seeing one of the lowest rates of first home ownership in Qld for a long time, but we query whether the grant increase will actually help. After all, it does have restrictions. It can only apply to a purchase of a - a. brand new home; or b. the build of a new home; and c. which is less than $750,000. The medium house price in today's market in some parts of Qld exceeds $750,000 and in others not. We discuss some of the more relevant issues to first home buyers in Queenslanders in this segment.