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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is for everyone and Priala Legal have extensive experience in the preparation of Wills (both basic and complex) and powers of attorney.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

One of the most essential steps in managing your property portfolio during your lifetime and upon your death, whether it be small or large. Estate Planning is for everyone.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of Wills (both basic and complex) and powers of attorney. We provide you with an initial easy to understand instruction sheet to assist you in the preparation and organisation of your thoughts and intentions for your estate planning.

Our Services include:

  • Preparation and advice on Wills (both for Australian and overseas assets)
  • Preparation and advice on Powers of Attorney (both general and enduring)
  • Preparation and advice on the Advance Health Directive in Qld and how this can benefit you for your future health care

Initial Appointment Free

We offer an initial 30 minute free consultation with you to discuss your estate planning needs. If you wish to proceed further, we will provide you with a no obligation free quote. If you decide not to proceed, no fees are charged for the initial consultation.

Estate Planning Videos on Talking Law

DIY Will Kits - Danger look out!!!!

DIY Will Kits is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get. This segment is a frank discussion as to why you should never use a Will Kit and the dangers and risks associated with it for you and your family members left behind.

Vulnerable beneficiaries, how a TDT can help!

Ever wondered what those letters mean? A TDT is a testamentary discretionary trust that only comes into existence as at the date of death. It is a trust created in your Will where assets you select are held in that trust for your beneficiaries , typically vulnerable beneficiaries, on terms you decide, rather than giving assets directly to beneficiaries. It has numerous benefits. It is not for all, but it may be for you. Take a listen!

Digital Assets - What are they and why you should have a Digital Estate Plan!

In this segment we discuss what digital assets are and why it is important to deal with them properly after your death. It is not simply about including them in your Will, as most are not transferable assets. Everyone has some form of digital asset and some provide monetary value (e.g. paypal account) whilst others provide sentimental value (pictures on social media accounts). Where do they all go after you pass away??? And who manages your accounts??? And what is a Legacy Contact for your Facebook Account??? Spend 10 minutes listening to a very important segment to help you create your digital estate plan.