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Estate Administration and Disputes

Priala Legal can provide advice and assistance in the administration of deceased estates or estate disputes, having acted for many executors over the years.

Estate Administration

Priala Legal have acted for many executors over the years in the administration of deceased estates. Let us help guide you through this difficult time.

We can provide advice and assistance with the following:

  • Acting for executors in the administration of deceased estates
  • Acting for beneficiaries in the estate administration
  • Acting for executors or beneficiaries in estate disputes

Estate Administration and Disputes Videos on Talking Law

How a will can be revoked!

In this segment we discuss what can revoke a Will. You might be surprised to find out. For example, events such as marriage and divorce can revoke a Will. The message here is loud and clear, any event that occurs in your life you should immediately review your Will and amend as required by making a new Will. If you have never made a Will, perhaps it is time for you to do so, particularly taking into account the intestacy rules that may apply if you die without a Will. If you are going through a separation, another event that should trigger you to think about making a new Will.

What happens when you die without a will?

In this episode, we discuss what it means to die without a Will in Qld, (that is, to die intestate), how the intestacy rules apply in Qld and whether it is time for our Qld intestacy laws to change and increase the value of what a spouse/partner would receive, similar to the recent changes seen in WA. Best advice, go and see a solicitor today and make a Will, rather than leaving it all to chance under the intestacy rules.

The two year rule on CGT for deceased estates

In this segment we discuss the 2 year rule providing an exemption from capitals gains tax (CGT) applying to the sale of a property in a deceased estate. There are certain automatic extensions in extenuating circumstances for the first 2 years following the death of the deceased with certain conditions applying. If the property has still not sold within the 2 years there is the abilty to apply to the ATO for an extension if certain criteria are met.