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Priala Legal can assist with all types of Commercial, Retail and Residential leasing including tenancy agreements and tenancy agreement disputes.

Commercial, Retail & Residential

  • Commercial leasing for both lessor and lessee
  • Retail shop leasing for both landlord and tenant
  • Retirement Village leasing and ancillary documentation
  • Renewals, extensions and exercise of options on leases
  • Extinguishment or surrenders of leases on title
  • General Tenancy Agreements
  • Tenancy Agreement Disputes

Leasing Videos on Talking Law

Ashmore Plaza Gold Coast horror story for tenants

Recently, the Ashmore Plaza Shopping Centre was bombed, in part, and the centre itself was shut down with no access for customers. One of our clients has their business in the centre which was not of itself damaged directly, however because the centre was closed, this has affected their business. We had cause to review the lease terms and provide our advice as to what a tenant should do in these circumstances from what is contained in the lease, to lodging insurance claims to other steps to be taken. It is worth the listen!!!

Qld's New Tenancy Laws 1 July 2023 - They are Retrospective!!!

New rental tenancy laws commence 1 July 2023 in Qld and yes they are retrospective. Laws applying retrospectively are not always occurring and usually come about to create some form of equity in the market for everyone where there is an overriding community benefit. Here is the link to the changes: https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/forms-resources/rental-law-changes/rent-increase-frequency-changes In a nutshell, landlords will not be able to increase rent more than once in a 12 months period after 1 July 2023. This applies to new tenancies and existing tenancies. How will this work? Well, we give a few examples and talk them through here, the same examples listed on the above website. Suffice to say all landlords and managing agents better jump on board and understand completely how these new laws will work come 1 July. With these new laws, there was no public consultation process undertaken nor surveys undertaken with relevant parties as to how these new laws may play out practically. This is always preferred in any law reform proposed where the practicalities of new laws must be thought through, as well as the theory of the new laws applying. Was this a knee jerk reaction by Qld Government? Qld Government says no, and said there was really no other option to try and stabilise the private rental market at present, to alleviate pressures within the property industry on consumers. Well now we will never know if that was true as the laws are passed and ready to commence 1 July. Suffice to say you better get on board with the new laws come 1 July.

Rental Crisis in Manufactured Homes in Qld

Rental Crisis in Manufactured Homes in Qld