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Priala Legal can assist with all types of Commercial, Retail and Residential leasing including tenancy agreements and tenancy agreement disputes.

Commercial, Retail & Residential

  • Commercial leasing for both lessor and lessee
  • Retail shop leasing for both landlord and tenant
  • Retirement Village leasing and ancillary documentation
  • Renewals, extensions and exercise of options on leases
  • Extinguishment or surrenders of leases on title
  • General Tenancy Agreements
  • Tenancy Agreement Disputes

Leasing Videos on Talking Law

Apartments and insurance - what a body corporate does not insure for

In this segment, we discussed what an apartment owner needs to understand and differentiate between what the body corporate insures and what a lot owner has to insure for. You might be surprised to know the difference and what you need to do or ought to do as a lot owner. Take a listen.

Can a body corporate stop you from changing your lock on your apartment?

In this segment, we talk about whether a body corporate can control or stop you from changing your own lock to your apartment in a building. We discuss a very relevant case called Hedges 252' where the Adjudicator found in favour of the lot owner who was able to change their own locks and have a unique lock for their apartment, and not be part of a master key system for the building. If you are in this situation with your body corporate take a listen as I am sure it will assist you. Here is the link to the case: http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/vie...

Can a lot owner in a body corporate be banned from smoking altogether!

A recent case in Qld (the 'Artique' case) has been seen to be a landmark case given that the decision by the Adjudicator was in favour of a lot owner who filed a complaint that her neighbour in the apartment below her, was causing a nuisance and a hazard from persistent smoking on her balcony and the lot owner was banned from smoking. Will this open the floodgates for more cases? This is definitely a space to watch.