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Commercial Law

Priala Legal have extensive experience in many commercial transactions from joint ventures, business sales and acquisitions, through to leasing.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial law covers a wide range of legal and commercial transactions.

Our Services to you include:

  • Purchase and sale of Over 50’s Manufactured Home Park Resorts
  • Joint venture arrangements
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Put and call option arrangements for developers, builders and third party consultants
  • Due Diligence
  • Company, business, partnership and trust structures
  • Trade purchases and sales
  • Vendor finance / instalment contracts / rent to buy
  • Site acquisitions / amalgamations
  • Business sale and acquisitions
  • Sale and purchase of child care centres
  • Sale and purchase of vessels
  • Agency Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements

Commercial Law Videos on Talking Law

Sexual harrassment at Christmas parties! Are you creating a safe space as an employer?

Employers be mindful of Christmas functions and parties and your ongoing obligations. Stay safe!

The Boozy Lunch - A case about enforceable oral agreements!!!

A recent NSW Supreme Court case has found that an agreement formed at a "boozy lunch" between an agent and his client was found to be enforceable. A timely reminder to those who "shake on deals" in a social setting and believe nothing more can come of it. Take a listen!

Selling a Business in Qld? What can stop settlement?

On the radio airwaves again last week, we discussed a topic that I deal with almost on a daily basis. The single most important aspect, or one of them at least, to ensuring a successful settlement of the sale and purchase of your business. You may be surprised! Quite often clients do not think about the landlord until the very end. Big mistake! Get the landlord involved from day ! Take a listen.