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Commercial Law

Priala Legal have extensive experience in many commercial transactions from joint ventures, business sales and acquisitions, through to leasing.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial law covers a wide range of legal and commercial transactions.

Our Services to you include:

  • Purchase and sale of Over 50’s Manufactured Home Park Resorts
  • Joint venture arrangements
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Put and call option arrangements for developers, builders and third party consultants
  • Due Diligence
  • Company, business, partnership and trust structures
  • Trade purchases and sales
  • Vendor finance / instalment contracts / rent to buy
  • Site acquisitions / amalgamations
  • Business sale and acquisitions
  • Sale and purchase of child care centres
  • Sale and purchase of vessels
  • Agency Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements

Commercial Law Videos on Talking Law

Employer found vicariously liable for sexual assault in the workplace

In this segment we discuss a recent case determined by the Fair Work Commission that can really hurt smal to medium business owners, or really any employer for that matter. Here a sexual assault was found to have taken place in the wokrplace, and the employer, whilst not involved in such assault, was found to be held responsible and vicariously liable, and ordered to pay $150,000 in damages. All employers should listen up very closely. We talk about some of the factors that the Fair Work Commission stated contributed to the employer's liability and what the employer could have done differently to minimise or avoid such liability. A few lessons here for all employers.

The power of illustration in advertising

In this segment we discuss a recent case in the Federal Court that related to a claim of misleading and deceptive conduct and misrepresentation in an off the plan contract. This claim related to a high rise apartment building in Melbourne, the cotract worth $9.58Million dollars. The buyer was successful in his claim against the developer for misleading and deceptive conduct over "renders", an artists impression of what the apartment would look like at completion. The buyer won and was able to terminate his contract and obtain his deposit back. Even though in the Federal Court, this is a great example of how disclaimers and other boiler plate clauses in the off the plan contract, had no bearing or impact on the conduct of the developer and the ability for the buyer to terminate the contract. All developers should listen closely to this case.

The danger of posting fake or bad reviews anonymously

In this segment we discuss a recent judgement handed down by the Federal Court of Australia on 21.4.2022 concerning a Gold Coast cosmetic surgeon who won his defamation case against a person who posted a fake review anonymously. If you think you can post a review anonymously and get away with it, think again. A lesson for all. Defamation laws are real and can be enforced.